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In order to know where we are and where we’re going, we first need to know where we started from.  

On May 8 we started at the very Beginning, the book of Genesis, to learn not only where we came from, but also many foundational principles that inform our lives today in 2016.  For the first few weeks we will struggle through questions like: What is truth…the issue of Epistemology? What is the basis of truth and how we can stand firmly on the book of Genesis as God’s revelation to us of how all things began.  What are presuppositions and how do they affect the Theist and Atheist alike? How we can trust God’s Word as being truth, without error, kept for us through the ages?  Is it just a ‘religious leap of faith’, or is there evidence to back it all up?                                                         Join us to be challenged and learn!!

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05/22/16 And God said pt 1  Genesis 1:3
05/15/16 In the beginning…pt 2 Genesis 1:1-2                                                                                                      05/08/16 In the beginning God… pt 1 Genesis 1:1